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Application process details

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Step 1:  Eligiblity
To initiate your application, please send your CV to postphd@elite-hiring.com or apply via our website’s application form.
Step 2:  Application
Upon confirming your eligibility, you will be requested to prepare and submit the following documents:
  1. Filled application form (template provided by us)
  2. Copies of your PhD, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees.
  3. Copy of your passport or ID card.
  4. Proof of current job experience: a work experience letter displaying your job title and employer name.
  5. Certificates of patents, awards, memberships, or other relevant achievements (if applicable).
  6. Publications in PDF format.

We accept submissions in all languages and offer free translation and document preparation services.
Step 3: Connect with Our Senior Consultants for Updates on Your Application!

For any inquiries, please reach out to us at postphd@elite-hiring.com or via WhatsApp, WeChat, LinkedIn.

Key Points:

  • Chinese language skills are not required for this opportunity.
  • We offer free administrative, matchmaking, translation, and file setup services (refer to the “What We Do” section for details).
  • Applications from individuals of all nationalities and locations are welcome.
  • Applicants of all experience levels (junior, senior, or retired) are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications are accepted year-round, with evaluations conducted every November.
  • Deadline: March/April of each year (Application can still be sent after this deadline and will be put on the waiting list)
  • For questions or concerns, contact us at postphd@elite-hiring.com or via WhatsApp/WeChat/LinkedIn.
  • Your application information and data will be protected under GDPR regulations.
What We Do?
  1. Review your application form and supporting documents upon receiving your draft pack. Apply as soon as possible for a prompt start to the process.
  2. Polish your application form and provide free translation for your supporting documents.
  3. Liaise with relevant universities, companies, and institutes to initiate the matchmaking process after completing administrative tasks.
  4. Organize online or in-person matchmaking events for applicants to discuss the Work Proposal with potential collaborators.
  5. Assist in finding hosting institutes, preparing application materials, and providing training for interviews. Once the Work Proposal is agreed upon, the finalized application form/proposal will be submitted to the funding panel for review.
What You Will Get?

Successful applicants can expect:

  1. Competitive yearly salaries ranging from 300K RMB (42K USD) to 1 million RMB (140K USD).
  2. Research funding payment of at least 2 million RMB (280K USD) for full-time contracts and up to 1 million RMB (140K USD) for part-time contracts.
  3. Selected talents may be awarded the title of “National Distinguished Expert,” a prestigious honor in China.
Eligibility: Who Can Apply?
  1. PhD degree in Engineering, Science, or Medical fields.
  2. Minimum three (03) years of working experience after obtaining the PhD degree.
  3. Age limit: Below 40 years old, or over 40 with more than five years of experience in senior positions (associate professor, full professor, research director, deputy director).
Embark on Your Application Journey with Us!

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