Elite hiring


who are we?

Welcome to elite hiring, where we redefine post-Ph.D. career pathways for highly qualified and experienced talents. Our focus is on connecting Ph.D. holders, including senior researchers, assistant/associate professors, and full professors, with exceptional postdoctoral opportunities, cutting-edge R&D consulting positions, and engaging roles in paid innovative R&D projects.

At elite hiring, we recognize the unique skills and expertise Ph.D. holders bring, and our mission is to seamlessly connect exceptional talent with innovative projects, making impactful contributions to the world of innovation, research, and development.

As a global team of professional headhunters specialized in innovation, scientific research, and technological development, we are dedicated to supporting international talents through various Foreign Talents Acquisition Programs. 
What sets us apart? We not only facilitate the match-making process but go beyond by assisting applicants in securing research funding and grants. Importantly, our services for talents are entirely free — we do not charge applicants.

Meet our CEO

Guiding Elite Hiring with visionary leadership, Dr. GUELAILIA Ahmed serves as our esteemed CEO and holds the rank of Director of Research & Development. With a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and the habilitation to lead research projects, Dr. Ahmed showcases exceptional expertise. His illustrious career has centered around space technologies, where he played a pivotal role in several high-interest projects. Dr. Ahmed’s extensive experience in scientific research and technological development is highlighted by a track record of published papers in renowned scientific journals. Beyond academia, he has served as an innovation/startup consultant and expert editor for esteemed journals.

As a visionary leader, Dr. Ahmed’s influential network spans academicians, scientists, and industry leaders, significantly contributing to the global impact of our initiatives. Under his guidance, Elite Hiring is dedicated to making impactful contributions to the world of innovation, research, and development by identifying and recommending highly qualified talents.