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Welcome to Elite Hiring, where we redefine post-Ph.D. career pathways for highly qualified and experienced talents. Our focus is on connecting Ph.D. holders, including senior researchers, assistant/associate professors, and full professors, with exceptional postdoctoral opportunities, cutting-edge R&D consulting positions, and engaging roles in paid innovative R&D projects
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What is our Program?

China Talent Acquisition Program

As part of China Talent Acquisition Program, China is actively seeking outstanding professionals (senior researchers, assistant/associate professors, full professors) to contribute to esteemed Research and Development institutions, where your expertise can play a pivotal role in shaping innovative research and development projects.


  • Competitive yearly salaries ranging from 300K RMB (42K USD) to 1 million RMB  (140K USD).
  • Research funding payment of at least 2 million RMB (280K USD) for full-time contract and up to 1 million RMB (140K USD) for part-time contract.
  • Selected talents can be awarded with the title of “National Distinguished Expert”, which is badge of honor in China.
  • Comprehensive support for living conditions, including residence permits, medical care, social insurance, education allowances, and more.

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Guiding Elite Hiring with visionary leadership, Dr. GUELAILIA Ahmed serves as our esteemed CEO and holds the rank of Director of Research & Development. With a Ph.D. degree in Engineering and the habilitation to lead research projects, Dr. Ahmed showcases exceptional expertise. His illustrious career has centered around space technologies, where he played a pivotal role in several high-interest projects.

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